Contact & Visitor's Guide

For people who wish to observe a class, become a member or train as a visitor:

Upon reading the following information, please inform us by email what day and class you wish to attend.
We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled class start time.
To get in touch with us, please use the email adress at the bottom of this page.

Aikido Kyoto


1) If you wish to observe class
Please email us stating the day and class you wish to come observe, and allow yourself ample time to arrive before the class starts. People wishing to join as beginners must observe practice before formally applying.


2)  If you wish to become an Aikido Kyoto member
For beginners, once you have observed at least one class, please notify us the day you wish to start training, either in person at the dojo or by email. For people who are already practicing aikido at another dojo, please e-mail us with your name, name of your dojo, your grade as well as the date you wish to join (you may also come observe, or practice as a visitor).


3) If you wish to participate as a visitor

If you wish to participate in training, please email us at least 5 days in advance. Include your dojo name, your grade, the name of your instructor, (after checking with your instructor, if necessary) and the date and class you wish to participate.

Beginners cannot participate in training as visitors, we can only accept Aikikai members already holding a kyu/dan rank.

Please take notice regarding the following classes at Nishijin Dojo:

  • Tuesday 18:45~20:00 - Visitors cannot participate.
  • Thursday 18:30~19:30 - Visitors cannot participate.
  • Thursday 19:30~20:30 and Saturday 10:00~11:30 - Only Yudansha may participate.

Visitors from other prefectures or abroad who wish to train for a limited time (2 weeks to 3 months), please present your club membership book when you come to train.


Please contact us at [email protected]